About Pro Telemetry Systems (Australia)

Contact +61 (0) 460 420 494

Pro Telemetry Systems is an Australian based company, Developing & Delivering innovative Diagnostic and Proactive solutions for buildings and pumps (including but not limited to fire hydrant and Sprinkler pumps).

We are an innovation-driven company that provides critical management information and analytics for all business operations via a Pure Web-based platform, enabling our clients to be industry leaders.

Through innovative IOT products and concepts, our end-to-end solutions enable all systems, processes, machinery, and ‘things’ to become truly interconnected and interoperable. Providing a clear and holistic overview of what’s going on in every part of their business ecosystem while improving operational decision-making, efficiency, and profitability.

Mission statement:

To provide goods that meet and surpass our clients’ demands by utilising cutting-edge technology to give the ultimate solutions by designing, making, distributing, and installing high-quality products and systems.

Researching and developing (R&D) novel technologies for integration into innovative and new-to-world products.

Gaining access to, expanding into, and excelling in international markets.

Hiring and keeping a high-energy team that is proactive, responsive, accountable, responsible, friendly, productive, and eager to learn and grow.

Being a proud and successful business who contributes to Australia’s environment and the uplifting of its people.