Digital Building Management

Building Management.

We create digital smart buildings.

With strong cybersecurity in mind, We have developed our own unique protocol to keep your data safe and secure.

Monitor water and energy usage.
Get notified if there are leaks and water wastage.
Sumps and water reservoirs levels
Pump cycles
Lift shaft monitoring.
Monitor electricity usage.
Get real-time reports on any aspect of a building.

Unlock the power of your building and 
infrastructure data

Digital representations of physical assets superimposed with real-time data on how those assets are performing This allows for an improvement in asset management, preventative maintenance,  performance, and experience.


Improve Risk and compliance management.
Real-time insight and reporting on asset compliance help you stay on top of regulatory needs.

Not only can we inspect masts and towers with a drone to create a 3D model.
We can also attach telemetry equipment to measure wind speeds, movement and may more to manage and maintain them, the same can be done with buildings or water tanks


Improve decision-making by combining real-time data with historical and forecasted performance analytics to save money on operations, the environment, and the economy.

One and only source of truth

To enable rapid and easy visualisation and action across networks and portfolios, all geographical, static, and live systems data is centralised.