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Telemetry is the collecting of measurements or other data in real time at remote locations and the automatic transmission of that data to receiving equipment (telecommunication) for monitoring. The word comes from the Greek origins’ tele, which means “distant,” and metron, which means “measure.” Telecommand is the telemetry’s counterpart for systems that require external commands and data to function.

Become the owner of a smart building
With an accurate, real-time digital assessment of your buildings, you can manage your smart building program.

A consistent benchmark that defines the breadth, speed, and quality of your existing building systems is your quickest road to digital buildings.

Are your structures prepared for your smart building initiative?
Maintain vendor accountability, obtain insight into your existing investments, and stay informed when making wise building investment decisions.


Thermal Systems

We’ve worked on a number of projects that required thermal engineering. Here are several examples.

Web application development

We create Professional web apps in no time.


How can we help