Web Applications

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We develop Professional web apps

We create a set of PHP pages to access and modify any MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MS Access database, where users can search, edit, delete, and add data into the database.
Our applications allow you to password-protect the access to your web application. You can either hard-code the username and password, store the login combinations in the database, or — use the Active Directory authentication. You can add the Login with Facebook or Google option to your site and allow guest access.
Furthermore, you can set up user groups permissions  where you can restrict access for certain groups of users to tables, views, pages, and site functionality.

Build sophisticated, highly customised interactive charts and reports to complement your website. 
Let you upload documents and images of any type to the database or directory on the web server. You can also create image thumbnails on the fly, resize images on upload, or display them in galleries.

Seamlessly integrate the web applications you build into your existing website.
Create various types of easy to read and powerful dashboards. They allow you to display multiple related or unrelated objects on the same page as grids, single record views, master, and details together, search pages, maps, or even code snippets.

The Cascade Menu Builder lets you organize your tables into a multi-level menu for quicker navigation. This feature is particularly useful to users with a large number of tables.

You can have as many groups and subgroups as you need. Depending on your page layout, the cascade menu appears as a horizontal menu, vertical menu, or a tree-like vertical menu.

Import CSV files, Excel 2007 (.xlsx) and Excel 97-2003 (.xls) files. You can copy and paste import data instead of uploading the file that can be extremely useful on mobile devices.

Display addresses from your database on maps.

Import your emails directly from your server into the database for workflow distribution

We update your live data from our water / energy modules directly into your database.

To mention just a view of the functions you can have in a short time.

The ability to host your application remotely or on your own server.