IOT (Internet Of Things)

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Connecting to any technology, piece of equipment, or process.

Connect sensors with our interfaces (IOT device) to your database.

We can build a dashboard with a wide range of features, including the following:

Data tables in a variety of formats to suit your needs
Your data’s current condition in real time
Calculation and display of summary data in any of the formats listed above
Data-monitoring systems, such as those that provide alarms when data hits certain thresholds
Data processing and conversion from custom formats into a format that is suitable for display
Data from numerous sources will be compiled into a single report.
On a scalable cloud server, applications to run your unique data processing methods
Database systems that store data from a variety of interconnected sources
Switches and dials for remote control of physical devices are examples of control systems.
Data can be formatted on a smartphone, tablet, or computer thanks to responsive design.
Control Interfaces & Dashboards.
Bar charts, line charts, and pie charts are examples of high-impact charts.