Drone Inspections

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Create 3d Maps from the air or within a water tank

Allow us to assist you in transforming, upgrading and inspecting your operations by utilising innovative drone technology and aerial and submersible data collection. You may evaluate and analyse your commercial and industrial site assets more frequently and in more detail by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual examination. This significantly reduces your operational and staffing costs while removing a number of serious concerns to you and your employees.

Easily and with little or no effort, calculate and capture assets installed, for example communication towers.

Aerial inspection and monitoring is not only a safer choice for asset inspection and monitoring, but it also allows you to save money on physical equipment and personnel. Our drones can reach dangerous heights in a matter of seconds and inspect buildings, whereas earlier techniques of elevated exploration could take days or weeks. Our operators have been well-trained to collect the information required.

Create a 3d model to investigate the outside of your high-rise buildings and do preventative maintenance before it is too late, by detecting cracks broken supports etc.